Hooray. I'm where i never wanted to be in my life. Resorting to writing it all down. In what? A blog of course. I have a feeling that absolutely nobody will give a flying monkey about this blog (unless, by any chance, i told you about my blog and you came to check it out. if so, hello friend). There's that totally fresh "About Me" box over there, which i've filled out and even added a real picture of myself by it, but still, i want to go over the things i like. In list form, what else.
-Death Note
-Spirited Away
-Sailor Moon
-Shugo Chara
-B1A4 (aka bilasa you nasties xp)
-momoiro clover z
-Coconut Water
-Mortal Combat
-Animal Crossing
-Harvest Moon
-Hatsune Miku
-Shane dawson
-Eat Your Kimchi
And many, many more random things....
So, there ya go. Maybe you saw one or two things on my list and said "Oh hey, i don't hate that". Or maybe not.

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    I'm that shy kid who could either be lonely or could just hate people.I'm a freakishly geeky girl who loves anime, k-pop, minecraft, gaming, you get the idea. 'cuz why not.


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